The May Birthstone: The Emerald


As a child, how many people have dreamed of visiting the Emerald City just like Dorothy and friends in the famed Wizard of Oz? Shimmering green peaks that adorn the entire city looked so magical and mystical!


If you were born in the month of May, you also get to share in the Emerald’s beauty.


Around 1300 B.C., ancient Egyptians established Emerald mines so that royalty could wear the gems exclusively. The gem was so significant even the dead were buried wearing Emerald jewelry. In fact, Cleopatra loved the light to dark green gem so much that she claimed the mines as her own.


The Emerald is known to have healing powers dating back to ancient Romans. The Romans linked the Emerald with the goddess of love, Venus and claimed it also carried powers of fertility, faith and goodness. The specific powers ¬†held by the Emerald is the power to soothe one’s eyes and also stop bleeding, epileptic seizures, pain and reduction of fevers. It’s said that those who wear the Emerald gain foresight, good fortune and youth.


Most people associate the Emerald with its rich green color, but there is also a very rare red Emerald. Because of the rarity of this special gem, the red Emerald is very expensive and worn by a few select people.


Currently, the Emerald is mined in Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia. The green color is stunning, mesmerizing and a symbol of true beauty. The Emerald will always be an important part of the lives of those born in the month of May.


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