Is “The Great Gatsby” Responsible for Twenties Styles and Vintage Jewelry Trending?

Is “The Great Gatsby” Responsible for Twenties Styles and Vintage Jewelry Trending?



The twenties were a time for change, rebellion, music, movies, and of course, the fall from financial stability to financial ruin for some. Though past, it’s safe to say that “The Roaring Twenties” are an unforgettable time period, and subsequently, they always make their way back into the mainstream, somehow.



prohibition era jewelry - 20's bash - flapper vintage jewelryIn 2002, jewelry and clothing styles from the twenties piqued after the release of Rob Martin’s movie version of “Chicago”. It seems that more than a decade later, it has happened again. The twenties are on their way back. A recent film-adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” has sparked a new-found interest in the highly esteemed, bygone era.



In fact, Tiffany & Co. recently released a new line of twenties themed jewelry. Upon the release of this line, Tiffany & Co. launched a “20’s Bash” to celebrate. This means that not only is estate and vintage jewelry trending big-time, it also means that you may receive a few invites to “Roaring Twenties” parties for the next season or so. Aside from being beautiful, vintage jewelry is timeless, and it will always be in style.



Host a “Roaring Twenties” Theme Party!


If you have a large collection of estate jewelry, vintage clothing, or if you just love the twenties, consider throwing a “20’s Bash!” – fully transform your home into an underground bar during the prohibition era.


Use the following resources to make your party perfect, and browse through our website for inspiration on your vintage jewelry choices!



Photo Courtesy – Tami Lahmann


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