The April Birthstone: Diamond

The April Birthstone: Diamond



Whether vintage or modern, birthstone jewelry holds significant sentiment for the one who wears it. Many of us love receiving birthstones as gifts because it symbolizes the first month of life, and it shows that the giver knows you very well. It is one thing to remember a birthday, but to know and deliver a beautiful birthstone…well, that takes finesse.


Ancient astrology theories birthed the tradition of using specific gems to symbolize one’s birth month. It all started with the idea that certain stones symbolize certain traits. For example, many historians and gemologists believe that Roman husbands gave their wives sapphire rings, as a token of their loyalty, because they believe the sapphire stone to be a symbol for devotion and pure fidelity.


The diamond honors those lucky enough to have an April birthday. Coming from the Greek word, “adamas”, the diamond is a symbol for strength and powerful love.


To celebrate this month’s birthstone with us, browse through this awesome infographic, as seen on



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