How to Mix Metals

How to Mix Metals

Though vintage clothing and jewelry are always sought after, often the way we approach and incorporate them is different. Gone are the rigid rules of fashion; instead, consumers tend to take vintage pieces and refresh them with modern standards. One way to do this is to begin wearing mixed metals. Below are some tips to help you begin stylishly mixing your metals.


Get Some Mixed Metal Pieces

Around 1940, designers came out with mixed metal pieces. Though it was subtle, like this yellow gold watch with white gold trim, it introduced the concept in attainable ways. Wearing a bright silver with a gleaming gold was still a faux pas, but mixing similar metals or tones began to evolve as fashion did.


Balance is Key

Try to keep in mind how many pieces of each metal you have. The key is a cohesive mixture, and don’t be afraid to layer. Many designers sell sets designed to layer, such as this vintage Cartier set of rose, yellow, and white gold bracelets. By keeping your metal tones in the same range, you can be effortlessly chic.


Pair Your Everyday Jewelry with Something Special

If you have a piece of jewelry that you wear every day, try to find a truly special piece to wear with it. And for that: go timeless. Vintage jewelry has a certain awe around it; it’s often intricately designed and not overly cumbersome, making it a perfect statement piece. There are many beautiful pieces to choose from, so a good first step is to invest in a piece of timeless vintage jewelry.


Here at Frank Pollak & Sons, we have a wide array of pieces that can help you begin your journey into mixed metals. Contact us today for more information and to begin finding your perfect piece of jewelry.

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