What to Do with Inherited Jewelry

What to Do with Inherited Jewelry

When a loved one passes away, you will inherit many items from them. Many of these items may hold sentimental value to you. They may also be great decorative items in your home or in your wardrobe. This is especially true with your loved one’s jewelry. However, you can’t keep everything, and you may be left wondering what you should do with all this jewelry. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Alter the jewelry to fit your taste and needs

You can easily alter inherited jewelry to fit your taste and needs. For example, if you were passed down clip-on earrings but have pierced ears, you can modify them to be something you are more apt to wear, such as a ring or regular earrings. A few simple tools from a craft store can easily assist you to create a new piece of jewelry while still maintaining the memory or heritage of your family.

Combine pieces of jewelry

If you have more than one piece of jewelry that was passed down to you, you could combine them into something truly beautiful and memorable. The diamonds from your grandmother’s earrings could be removed and combined with your husband’s grandmother’s earrings and turned into a beautiful ring. This ring still preserves your ancestor’s memory but has become something you will wear, flaunt and tell stories about. While it is not the original piece, it is your own and that can continue to be passed down.

Sell what you don’t want

Chances are, there will be a few jewelry items you don’t want to keep. They don’t have sentimental value and they’re not something you would ever wear or could alter. In these instances, it’s best to get your items appraised and look into selling them.

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