How to Clean Antique Jewelry

How to Clean Antique Jewelry

Your antique jewelry is only as valuable as you want it to be, meaning your level of care determines its resale value and worth. If any of your pieces are sentimental, then they are priceless and irreplaceable, so caring for them is even more crucial.

To preserve the beauty of antique diamond jewelry, follow the steps below carefully on how best to clean them.

 Cleaning Antique Jewelry

  • Check the stone’s setting first, disengaging the stone from the setting is bad news. Gently touch the stone while holding the base. If it’s even remotely loose, take it to a jeweler for repair.
  • If the stone is secure, you can use a bowl of plain, warm water. If the ring is still dirty, you can dip in in soapy water, but be sure to dip it back in the plain water afterwards.
  • Obtain a very soft toothbrush, and use it to lightly scrub both the stone and the setting. Go very slow and carefully, as the bristles could mar the surface if you scrub.
  • Use a soft, microfiber cloth to dry the item gently. After that, thoroughly inspect the item to ensure the stone is still secure.

Take It to a Professional

If you don’t want to risk it, you can always take your jewelry to a professional jeweler to get it cleaned. In some cases, this may be the safest option as they will have the proper tools and techniques to safely clean your antique jewelry.

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