Getting Divorced? What To Do With Your Jewelry

Getting Divorced? What To Do With Your Jewelry

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Unfortunately, in the United States, the divorce rate is rather high. Of almost 2.5 million marriages each year, almost half of them will end in divorce. That is quite a statistic. Dividing possessions, making decisions about the children if there are any, all this is stressful and emotional. So what happens to jewelry accumulated during a marriage? Here are some suggestions to ease the confusion.


  • Know who owns it

Determine who is the rightful owner of what pieces and under what circumstances the jewelry was given. The reasons for the marriage dissolving is also a factor as is local jurisdiction. Consulting an attorney to clear things up is a good first step.


  • Know if you can handle it

Whether you decide to repurpose a piece or sell it, be very aware of how you feel about it. This is a very emotional time and selling jewelry or redesigning it is a stressful process. If you are not sure whether or not you are really ready, wait.


  • Make sure to keep jewelry safe

Wherever you decide to store your jewelry make sure that it is in a secure place. Banks and safes are always your best bet.


  • What is its value?

Be sure to have all jewelry appraised so you there are no discrepancies about how much it is worth. Many jewelers are happy to roughly estimate the value of a piece. This way you know exactly what you’ve got.


  • If you decide to sell, get the best value

Knowing exactly what your jewelry is worth will ensure that you get the most money for it if you choose to sell. Check with the Better Business Bureau to find highly rated buyers, and shop around if you aren’t sure. Being as informed as possible helps to make this process less stressful.


There is no way around it. Divorce ranks high on the stress table. It is going to be a difficult time for everyone. Take your emotional temperature during each step so you know when you are ready to proceed to the next step. And arm yourself with as much information as possible. Consult with experts and don’t rush yourself just to be “done.” And most of all, lean on those who love you for support.


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