Unique Uses for Broken Vintage Jewelry

Unique Uses for Broken Vintage Jewelry

vintage jewelryWhen it comes to your vintage jewelry, it can be sentimental for many reasons. Maybe it was a family heirloom, maybe you got it as a gift from someone who has now passed away, or maybe its because its your go-to piece of jewelry, because it seems to go with just about everything. No matter the reason, it could be devastating to find it has broken.

Some would prefer to have it taken in to be fixed so that it is just like new.

Or, you might see this as a creative opportunity to give your piece a different use.

The first thing you will want to do is consider if you want to break the piece down. If you had a ring for example that had multiple dazzling diamonds in it and it broke, you might still want the diamonds but not the setting. You could easily incorporate the diamonds into other jewelry, like a bracelet or set of earrings. Or if you’re really daring, you could put them in a belt or even a hair clip!

Some pieces might not disassemble that easily. If you have a brooch that you simply can’t get go of, consider making it a part of your home décor. One option is to turn it into an accent for your lampshade- they can always use dressing up. Another fun option is to incorporate it in a wedding bouquet. It is a popular option as of late to use something other than traditional flowers as the bride walks down the aisle, but you are sure to be the talk of the family if you incorporate your vintage jewelry in your special day.

One last idea that is sure to keep your piece a part of your daily life is to incorporate your jewelry into your framed pictures. Many have done DIY projects to spruce up their picture frames, but why not add value and class to a picture that you treasure?

Repurposing is not for everyone and some jewelry items are not to be altered, but in the event that your favorite piece breaks, you always have options. Contact Frank Pollak & Sons for all your jewelry liquidating and monetizing needs.


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