What To Do With The Ring, When There Is No “Happily Ever After”

What To Do With The Ring, When There Is No “Happily Ever After”

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Unfortunately, sometimes our romance stories don’t always have happy endings; or at least they don’t all end the way we thought they would. Promise rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands, are symbols of the love we confess for one another; but as many a philosopher has stated, sometimes “love” just isn’t enough.


When we are going through break-ups and divorces, it is difficult to think about anything; but there are many important decisions that eventually need to be made. Your wedding band or engagement ring will soon be just a sad reminder of a love gone wrong; so what will you do with that once treasured piece of jewelry?


Nowadays, there are many creative ways to turn that “broken promise” of a ring, into a new form of celebration. A professional jeweler can redesign the ring, or remove the precious stones and create another piece of jewelry that reflects the budding joy of your new life.


Here are a few creative and personalized ways to transform your divorce blues, into a song of celebration:


Signature Pins

Diamonds, and all precious stones, look exquisite as adornments for decorative pins. Pins are wonderful accessories that never go out of style. You can choose a vintage pin and have your jeweler insert the diamond from your wedding or engagement ring into the design, or you can choose to have a jeweler create something new and modern for your recycled precious stones.


Create a “Celebration of New Life” Ring


For many, divorce is the right thing to do. Though the initial separation may be painful, both parties know that ultimately, they made the right decision for all. It takes courage to make big changes; and updating your old ring, into a symbol of newness and celebration, is an outstanding way to bring positivity, to what can be a very negative situation. Have a creative jeweler rearrange the original stones, and maybe add some newer stones, or completely change the band. You can wear the ring on a different finger to reflect the rebirth of your single days and rekindle your hope for new love.


Wear As A Pendant


Taking the stones out of an old wedding band or engagement ring, and having them recreated into a pendant, is a classic idea. Sometimes it’s important to change that token of love, into something completely different; and a pendant is the perfect way to repurpose a diamond, emerald, or any expensive and rare jewel.


Most importantly, it is best to have old wedding rings or engagement jewelry, transformed into a piece of jewelry that signifies celebration and renewal; whatever that means to you. Turning a traditional diamond ring into an avant garde decorative pin, or using the smaller surrounding stones from your engagement ring, to bedazzle your favorite black velvet clutch, are joyful and creative ways to turn thoughts of gloom into bright hopes for a new and loving future.

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