Five Fantastic Engagement Locations this Summer

Five Fantastic Engagement Locations this Summer

New York City So, you have finally found your better half – your soulmate, your partner in crime,  the peanut butter to your jelly – and now, it’s time to propose!

Choosing the perfect way and place to propose can be stressful. Expectations can be high and for those who aren’t on the creative side, well, the fear of disappointment is real – especially if you live in the City that Never Sleeps. To help, let’s take a look at five perfect proposal spots in New York City from am New York.

The Empire State Building

A little cliché? Maybe. But, if your sweetheart is a romantic who loves “Sleepless in Seattle” or “An Affair to Remember,” getting engaged on top of the Empire State Building will be iconic. Add your own bit of flair to the proposal event by including your significant other’s family in the engagement or hire a photographer to catch the surprise on camera.

Times Square

It’s busy. It’s public. It’s the ultimate way to scream “I Love You” to the world. Probably a little more popular for tourists than native New Yorkers, proposing in Times Square is perfect if your future fiancée likes to be the center of attention. Trying to make your sweetie blush? Buy a billboard package for an extravagant display of your affection.

New York Library

Maybe your to-be-betrothed is a bit of a bookworm – and you absolutely love that! Why not incorporate a bibliophile’s greatest passion into your marriage proposal? The New York Library is not only historic, but it’s beautiful too. Sweeten your engagement by incorporating a famous love story into your proposal or write a poem to express your fidelity. Those extra touches are absolutely sure to woo.

Central Park

This might be one of the most popular spots for marriage proposals in the world, but there’s a reason for it. Central Park offers a variety of areas to set up your engagement and offers helpful planning assistance to boot with proposal packages available. Plus, how many iconic movies and TV shows have held love scenes, marriages and proposals in Central Park? The answer is a lot, which is just one more reason why it is a swoon-worthy engagement location.

The Brooklyn Bridge

A bridge. We are asking for you to propose on a bridge? Yep, that’s right! But, as you know, this isn’t just ANY bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge not only boasts excellent views of the city, but it’s become a popular place for couples who want to place a “love lock,” a tradition adopted from European cities like Paris and Rome. Instead of writing the typical initials on your lock before you chain it to the bridge, write “Will You Marry Me?” instead and seal the deal by throwing the key into the East River below.

In addition to picking a fantastic place to propose, it’s important to pick an engagement ring that will make the moment even more special. We will work with you and provide personalized service and attention to help make every aspect of your engagement absolutely perfect! To find the perfect vintage engagement ring or modern-styled ring, call Frank Pollak and Sons at 800-342-3878 or stop by and see us on Fifth Avenue today.

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