Lapis Lazuli – The Hot Regal Jewelry Trend of 2016

Lapis Lazuli – The Hot Regal Jewelry Trend of 2016

There’s something about the color of lapis lazuli that evokes royalty and regality. This royal bluish purple is a classic jewel tone that offers a confidently dark look balanced with a shockingly beautiful and pleasing color. Forget about diamonds – according to Forbes, lapis lazuli is the hottest fine jewelry gemstone trend of 2016.

Lapis LazuliWhile we all love a little turquoise in our wardrobe, especially in the spring and summer, lapis lazuli is a whole new level of beautiful blue, and may well appeal to a higher-end clientele. This stone, which has an aptly-named royal blue color, was used to adorn the arms and heads of Egyptian pharaohs, kings of ancient civilizations and even Greek political leaders. The semi-precious stone was also ground into powder to make paint during the Renaissance. Perhaps the artworks of that time, many of which feature that incredible blue color like the ones that adorn the halls of the Sistine Chapel and the ancient pieces of jewelry that have been uncovered from centuries’ past, are what give this unique stone its resounding power and stature in the world of fashion and jewelry.

If you’re looking for some summer pieces to add to your wardrobe this season, lapis lazuli is a fine choice. The growing popularity and presence of lapis in the market is an alternative to the serene and simple fashion trends that have dominated runways and fashion magazines the past few years. Now, with more high-end designers focusing on bright pops of color and fun pieces that make statements, you can find beautiful everyday pieces that feature lapis lazuli and other jewelry that is anything but boring.

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