Jewelry Gifts for Your Graduate

Jewelry Gifts for Your Graduate

It’s the season of caps and gowns! With graduation still in the air, there is a lot of celebrating to be done. Young men and women are transitioning into the next stage of their lives as family and friends watch on with pride.

If you know a 2016 graduate, it is likely that you will be attending a graduation party in the near future – or you might even be planning one for your own son or daughter. With such an accomplishment under one’s belt, it’s only natural to want to shower the graduate with gifts. Although money is traditionally given, why not give a unique jewelry keepsake instead!

Reflections Grad GiftWhen selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for the graduate, there are some options to consider. If you are shopping for a high school graduate, think of his or her future. Gifting a piece of jewelry to match the grad’s new college colors is both sentimental and appropriate. For a female, consider a pair of vintage or modern earrings that can be worn at formal events or banquets, or can even dress up an outfit worn to a sporting event. If you are browsing for a young man, consider a vintage or modern watch. Not only will he get use out of it for formal events and possibly a fraternity interview, he can wear it on a day-to-day basis on campus.

Although high school graduation parties get most of the attention, let’s not forget about our college graduates! With an advanced degree in hand, college grads are now equipped to start their journey into the professional world. In addition to a wonderful education, your graduate should be decked out in an exclusive piece of jewelry that can be worn in the workplace. For women, you can’t go wrong with a modern necklace. A simple pearl necklace or a long necklace featuring a unique pendant will probably work best. If you are looking for a professional graduation gift for a man, why not buy him his first pair of cufflinks? Vintage cufflinks will have a special meaning he will always remember, unlike other generic brands you can find in the store.

No matter the type of graduate you are shopping for, Frank Pollak and Sons specializes in collecting an extensive collection of high-quality vintage, modern and estate jewelry – plus, we can help you select the perfect gift for your grad! For inquiries about current pieces for sale, call us at 800-342-3878 today!

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