Clearing Space After Liquidating a Family’s Estate



Purging Old Junk to Improve Moods


Through the years we collect tangibles and furniture that we many not ever need or use. Various life events coupled with frivolous shopping adventures can leave us with a heck of a lot of clutter before we’re even half-way through life. Unfortunately, most people tuck these items away in boxes and closets, hoarding them away for nobody’s use.


So, what can you do with useless items like those earrings you’ll never wear, the one’s that came from your great aunt twice removed? Improve and transform your life by clearing out space in your home and your head. To get started, here are a few ideas:


•    Search online for various DIY projects involving small scraps of used fabric. This will help put a good use to excess ribbons or old clothing that might be torn.

•    Sell broken or unused gold and jewelry to help with bills and routine maintenance.

•    Pass down any sentimental trinkets that you can’t bear to throw away. This keeps the sentiment within the family, in a new generation.


The hit television show “Hoarders” is closing in on its sixth season this year. People enthuse about this show because it depicts deplorable living conditions in which the homeowner cannot stop saving useless or sentimental possessions. The show offers a sense of consequence to hoarders, motivating people to avoid extreme cases they might witness on the show. Now, that’s not to say purge your household or you’ll find six cats when you move out, but it does show that clearing space can provoke positive changes in your life.


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