Collecting Vintage Edwardian and Victorian Estate Jewelry

For some of us, collecting antique and estate jewelry is about more than just the price. These small tangibles deliver unique and intricate designs to the wearer- that modern day jewelry just can’t match.. Depending on how long you’ve been sniffing out liquidation sales for vintage pieces, you probably have more jewelry than you know what to do with- and likely some incredibly valuable pieces.


Select the pieces you haven’t worn in over a year and have them appraised for their worth. You may have the opportunity to turn your old pieces into an investment towards future purchases. If you can part with any old pieces, this is the time to purge. We are starting out 2013, fresh and new. Make your resolution to evaluate your vintage and estate jewelry collection. This also works if you just want to save money or switch up your jewelry style.


A great way to switch up your style is to go on a search for Edwardian or Victorian themed antiques. Edwardian jewelry consists of white gold and platinum materials. These necklaces and earrings sit in a bed of diamonds, stars and crescent shapes. Edwardian styles usually accommodate eclectic people and themes, while those who love the rustic look cherish Victorian pieces.

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