Finding Unique Jewelry Beyond Estate Sales

Estate sales commonly form after the loss of a family member or friend, to liquidate their remaining assets. This is a common practice when the deceased leaves behind debt or just too many tangibles. This means that people are selling nice things, at “must-go” prices. Estate sales benefit the survivors as well as the shopper, creating a win-win situation in an otherwise tough time.

“Peterson recommends pulling out drawers of furniture items, as you never know what might be lurking within. In fact, Farrell once had a friend who purchased an older chair from an estate sale. While in the process of pulling off the seat’s fabric to reupholster the chair the friend discovered $10,000 hidden inside.”[Source //]

Vintage or Unique Jewelry Pieces
Step out-side of mass produced or cheap jewelry. You may find an old engagement ring that nobody in the family wants, but fits your style perfectly. Some shoppers visit several different estate sales over the course of a weekend, trying to find what they call “Hidden-gems”. Go beyond estate sales in the living world and shop online! Take our website for example, we specialize in clearing assets by purchasing and selling vintage jewelry. Allowing yourself to purchase online saves time and effort, expanding your pool of options.

Vintage Sweaters and Coats
Tie any outfit together with an old-fashioned sweater or scarf. Mixing vintage and modern fashions will deliver many compliments, thus boosting your mood.

Antique Furniture/ Home Décor
Even scuffed or marred surfaces can be painted or sanded down to add an antique look. Need extra storage space for shoes or supplies? Find an old dresser with no drawers to create an armoire or an open wardrobe for a unique organization method.



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