Top Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends

Top Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends

With every new season comes a new change in the trends that will be dominating our rings, earrings and necklaces, and the spring/summer season this year has some great surprises. This time around, pieces are getting smaller and fashion is effectively becoming less intricate, with minimalism being the overarching theme. Read on to see what the fashionistas say we’ll be wearing this season.

Mismatched Earrings

A surprising new trend, more and more people are pairing two different earring styles as opposed to keeping a matching pair. Fashionisers reports that many fashion shows are featuring models decked out in two contrasting styles. This allows wearers to pick to complementary styles to create a wholly unique style and look to match their outfit.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry StylesNaturally Inspired

Floral and natural looks are also all the rage this season, with many pieces of jewelry coming out that feature flowers, leaves or even animal and fruit designs. These looks can be customized as a charming necklace piece, an accenting bangle or even flowery earrings that pop with color from the unique gemstone arrangements that add a sparkle and shine to a natural design.

Bold Contrasts

While understated designs and fabulous layered looks are still popular, bold contrasts are making a big comeback this upcoming season as well. There are many different contrasts that may seem strange at first, but when they are implemented, they create a beautiful overall ensemble with contrasting colors and flourishes that create a bold look that truly stands out.

Some examples of the most popular contrasts include pieces combining matte and polished gold, jewelry combining contrasting colors, and unusual textures designed into beautiful gold pieces. Designers at the forefront of this design revolution include Carrera y Carrera, Antonini and Buccellati, according to the Robb Report.

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