Fall Fashion – What’s Hot in Jewelry this Autumn?

Fall Fashion – What’s Hot in Jewelry this Autumn?

Jewelry Trends Even though it still feels like summer in parts of the country, fall and winter fashion weeks have already been held all around the world, from New York to London to Paris to Milan. That means that this autumn’s top looks are already taking shape, and we’ve noticed some really cool jewelry trends for this season. Here’s a look at some of our favorites, courtesy of Vogue.


Strings of Pearls


Pearls have a complicated history in the jewelry world. To some, they represent culture and status, while others think of them as representing a stodgy era of traditionalism. We’re starting to see pearls emerge on the runway as a trendier, younger accessory that can be worn with a more casual outfit or as a statement piece. Mix pearls in a necklace or bracelet with denim, crew-cut sweaters or wool for a cozy, perfectly fall look.


Unique Earrings


The crawler, or an earring that crawls all the way up your ear lobe, has been on trend for some time now, but this season on the runway, Vogue reports seeing lots of asymmetry when it comes to earwear. Mixing and matching your earrings by wearing a larger earring in one ear and a smaller earring in the other can add a fun twist to any kind of outfit. Try a crawler in one ear, and a regular stud in the other.




There’s no denying it – the ‘90s are staging a comeback with the resurgence of chokers, but you don’t have to commit all the way with the black velvet version! People’s Style columnists say you can stay on trend with a classic sterling silver piece, or spice it up with a choker that features some colorful beads or stones. No need to get too retro about it.


Statement Necklaces


Speaking of making a statement with your necklace, the runways this season were also full of impactful statement necklaces. This has been on trend for a while now, and we loved this playful trend for summer months with light stones and colorful beads. You can carry it into the fall by changing your color palate, mixing in metals and pairing your statement necklaces with high-necked tops and sweaters. This trend is definitely here to stay for a while.


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