What to Do with Jewelry from an Ex

What to Do with Jewelry from an Ex

All break-ups are tough to deal with, no matter how long you were together. Eventually, though, your wounds will begin to heal. As they do, you may start to look at some of the jewelry you received from your ex and wonder—what should I do with this? Here we provide you with some answers: 

Consider its sentimental value 

When you look at a piece of jewelry, how do you feel about it? If it brings back happy memories, then it’s perfectly acceptable to keep it. Add it to your jewelry collection and wear it whenever you feel like it. However, if it just reminds you of your heartbreak, it’s often healthier to get rid of it.  

Sell it 

If you don’t want to return your item to your ex, then a simple way to get rid of unwanted jewelry is to sell it. The best way to do this is to go to a reputable jewelry store in order to get your jewelry inspected and appraised. This will ensure that you are receiving the best offer possible for your jewelry. Other avenues such as pawn shops or eBay hardly ever offer top dollar for your items. 

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