How to Pick the Right Metal for Your Jewelry

How to Pick the Right Metal for Your Jewelry

Whether you’re buying modern or antique jewelry, one question should always be at the front of your mind: why type of metal should you get for your jewelry? Choosing the right metal depends more on just your aesthetic tastes. It also depends on your skin’s undertone. Read on to learn more:

What is your skin’s undertone?

Your skin’s undertone should not be mistaken with skin color. Where skin color is the hue or shade that your skin appears on the surface, the undertone is the tint beneath the surface. There are three main types of skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

  • Warm: Skin has a golden, yellow, or peachy tint. People with warm undertones have green veins.
  • Cool: Skin has pink, red, or blueish undertones. Veins appear blue or purple.
  • Neutral: These are people whose skin is a mixture of both warm and cool undertones. Their veins appear both green and blue.

If you’re still unsure as to what your skin’s undertone is, check out this guide here.

Gold or Silver Jewelry?

Now that you know what your skin’s undertone is, you can finally determine which metal suits you best. If you have warm undertones, then yellow and rose gold jewelry will look best on you. Conversely, if you have cool undertones, then light or white metals such as white gold and platinum will look best on you. And if you’re a neutral, then you’re in luck! You can wear any type of jewelry without it clashing with your skin tone.

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