Selling Jewelry from an Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

Selling Jewelry from an Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

It’s Too Nice To Throw Away, But You Don’t Want It


Selling Jewelry After a Break Up - Ex Boyfriend Jewelry Gifts for SaleWhen a relationship ends, you’re left picking up many pieces, both figuratively and literally. You can sometimes feel lost, and when it’s time to go through all of your things, it feels like you fall further down the rabbit hole. This is how some women end up with an abundance of old jewelry.


Giving up your belongings is difficult; giving up sentimental items that hold stories of your past is arduous and almost impossible. However, the jewelry is probably like the relationship it came from- meaning you’ll feel better once it’s gone.

Hard as it may be, it’s a healthy way to let go. In most cases, selling or donating jewelry from an old flame is a symbol of moving on and getting over an ex, so it’s actually a very liberating thing to do. There’s etiquette to it though, you shouldn’t just immediately sell everything your ex-beau ever gave you. There’s a method to your madness, you just have to focus it and organize the items according to your own personal system.


Here are the factors that determine what you should do with jewelry or gold from an ex-lover:


  • How long has it been since the break-up? If it’s been more than a few years and you haven’t thought about it, it should go.
  • Why did your old flame get you this particular item? Etiquette states that with engagement jewelry, the person who ended the relationship should return the ring. With birthday and anniversary gifts however, it’s another story. Those were given to you for an occasion and not as a condition of marriage.
  • Determine the sentimental value. Some break-ups are mutual and amicable, while others are too painful to remember. If it fills you with happy memories, it’s okay to keep it.
  • Look at the item objectively. Maybe you hate the ring because your ex gave it to you, or maybe the beauty of the earrings diminished due to a painful ending, but either way, they’re probably not as horrible as you’d imagine. Try to separate the emotion from the item and see if you can truly appreciate its aesthetics. If you can wear the item while separating the memory, go for it!

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