Four Unique Costume Ideas You Can Make with Vintage Jewelry

Four Unique Costume Ideas You Can Make with Vintage Jewelry


Halloween is a favorite for many. An event has to be special to beat out another celebration where you receive a bunch of gifts. People love the opportunity to dress up for a night, and that’s the allure of this special day. Halloween costumes are more than an icebreaker; they’re an escape. They transpose us to different eras, allowing us to look and feel as if we’re from another time. The problem with Halloween costumes now is ubiquity. You see sixteen of the same firefighter or pirate, albeit suggestive versions of these costumes. Be original, and be fiscally responsible with your costume this year.


If you collect vintage jewelry, and love to thrift shop, you most likely already have a myriad of costumes available. You may not realize some of the wonderful things you can do with old dresses, and vintage (or even modern) jewelry.


#1 Silent Movie Actor

Simply paint your face white, wear old and black clothing to create a vintage, black-and-white movie look. Large Victorian or Edwardian earrings would dominate the outfit and draw much attention to your face. Bonus points if you can stay in character all night by only writing to communicate with others.


#2 Alice in Wonderland

alice vintage costume jewelry



Everyone buys the “Leg Avenue” version; show them all up with a better version of Alice. Vintage Alice is a bit darker, and subsequently way cooler than Disney’s Alice anyways. Find an old, blue dress and a blue headband. Let simple, vintage  necklaces and earrings do the rest.









#3 Flapper Girl

Flapper dancers from the 20’s were all about large, flashy jewelry. Put on your best necklaces, your largest rings, and any flashy accent pieces you own and get ready to have 20 Gatsbys falling for you.


#4 Sarah from Labyrinth

The dance scene at the end, with David Bowie…. everyone remembers it. Find an old wedding dress from a thrift store, and find flashy, shiny earrings and a simple tiara. Kudos if you can find a guy to go with you as the Goblin King. You’ll probably win a costume contest.

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