How to Store Antique or Vintage Jewelry

How to Store Antique or Vintage Jewelry

Your vintage and antique jewelry is precious for more reasons than just the price. You likely obtained these pieces of jewelry from various situations in life, such as through inheritance or purchasing. This means that your jewelry is expensive, sentimental, or very rare. Regardless of how you obtained the piece, we know how much you love it, and we empathize with your desire to keep it in the best quality possible.

To help prolong the life of your favorite piece, we’ve provided some helpful tips for storing your antique or vintage jewelry.

Keep them in jewel pouches

Store the jewelry in individual jewel pouches. This will avoid stones from scratching and metals from bending. Older jewelry is often much softer and more delicate, so it’s best to keep them apart.

Avoid cedar or oak jewelry boxes

When you store your items inside of a jewelry box, make sure they’re not made of either cedar or oak. These jewelry boxes are beautiful and ideal for costume jewelry, but they give off fumes that can damage older jewelry. Glass jewelry boxes or jewel pouches are a great way to protect these pieces.

Have your pieces inspected periodically

Don’t just leave your jewelry in their pouches and jewelry boxes to be forgotten. It’s always a good idea to have a professional jeweler inspect and appraise the item twice a year. Professional jewelers will be able to spot any damage that you might have missed and help you take steps to repair the pieces.

Frank Pollak & Sons can help you do just that. Contact us today to have your antique or vintage jewelry appraised.

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