Are Chokers in Style?

Are Chokers in Style?

The choker is a symbol of the 90s, and during most of the 2000s it seemed to remain that way. Recently, however, the choker has come back in style.

In 2021, Tagwalk’s annual roundup noticed that the use of chokers had increased by 25.6 percent compared to 2020. In the following year, various fine jewelry collections incorporated chokers into their spring 2022 styles.

This trend has continued into 2023, with celebrities and other designers wearing and pulling off the choker look. So, yes, we can say definitively that the choker is back.

How should you wear a choker?

The choker may be back in style, but that doesn’t mean you should wear it the same way you did back in the 90s. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Tip #1: A choker should not choke you

Just because it’s called a choker does not mean it should choke you. A choker should sit lightly on the neck—tight enough so it won’t slide down your neck, but loose enough so it doesn’t constrict the breath.

Tip #2: Don’t over-accessorize

Chokers, by design, grab a viewer’s attention. As such, you should be careful of wearing any other statement jewelry close by it. In other words, avoid dangling earring or chunky necklaces and wear instead stud earrings and/or a simple bracelet with your choker.

Tip #3: Consider your neckline

Chokers work only with certain types of necklines. V-necks tops or dresses are perfect for chokers. Turtlenecks, meanwhile, not so much.

Tip #4: Have a choker for every occasion

When we think of chokers, we often think of the black ones many teens wore in the 90s. But chokers can come in a wide variety of styles. Many vintage chokers are beautiful and classy and perfect for an elegant night out.

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