5 Little-Known Facts about Diamonds

5 Little-Known Facts about Diamonds

There’s plenty of cultural significance and status associated with diamonds in today’s society, but one of the most interesting things about diamonds is their history. They’ve been important to other cultures for thousands of years, from the Ancient Greeks and Romans, to the Egyptians, to European kings from the Renaissance era. Here are some little-known facts about diamonds, just in case you didn’t think they were special enough already!

Origin of the Ring Finger

You may have heard this one before, but the Egyptians are the ones who began the tradition of wearing the diamond on the fourth finger, because they believed there was a “vein of love” that ran all the way from that finger, directly into the heart. By wearing a wedding ring on this finger, then, a couple proclaimed their love for each other. Though modern science now knows that this vein doesn’t actually exist, the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger has remained in many cultures.

Sobbing Gods

The Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the Gods, and the Romans believed that they were fragments of stars that had fallen from the sky. What’s more romantic than giving your beloved a ring made from the tears of the gods, or a piece of a star?

Earthly Temptations

According to Persian folklore, diamonds and other gemstones were put on the earth by Satan, who noticed that Eve was enamored with the beautiful colors of flowers in the Garden of Eden. So, Satan created diamonds and gemstones so that he could tempt Eve and other humans. This myth is less romantic that the previous two, but no less fascinating!

Protection on the Battlefield

In more recent history, kings who were leading their men into battle believed that wearing diamonds was a method of magical protection, and that little or no harm would come to the wearer.

Truly a Precious Gem

To finish things off, we’ll leave you with a remarkable scientific fact about diamonds: in order to extract one carat worth of diamonds, a mine in Russia must excavate one ton of rock. This fact reminds us how rare these beautiful gemstones are.

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