$12 Million Private Gem Collection Headed for Auction

$12 Million Private Gem Collection Headed for Auction

There are few things more elegant than precious gemstones. From rubies to the rarest of diamonds, people have been in awe of their magnificent beauty for centuries. Of course, the more precious and rare the gem, the more financially valuable they become. Gem collections all across the globe end up in family inheritances and estate sales.


The UK’s most valuable private collection of gems is about to be headed to auction and sold to the highest bidders. This collection consists of six-hundred and eighty gems including some of the world’s rarest rubies, tanzanite, emeralds, and sapphires. In total, the value of the collection is estimated at over 12 million U.S. dollars.


It has been reported that the collector, who remains anonymous, spent forty years sourcing the stones from mines around the world; Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Burma, and Zambia. It appears that the rare stones were ethically sourced, and are not tainted by any violence, injustice, or dirty dealings.


Sourced as loose gems, the stones have only recently been set into pieces of amazingly beautiful jewelry, including a pink topaz ring measuring almost nine carats and a pair of Zambian emerald earrings valued at just under $800,000 dollars. Though the current owner is anonymous, the collection has been named The David Jerome Collection, and will be auctioned off over a period of a few months via the internet.


Auctioneer John Pye said that recently the popularity of colored gemstones is rising above the demand for diamonds, causing them to increase exponentially in value. He feels that the increase in popularity may stem from the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring.


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