What’s in Style this Season?

What’s in Style this Season?

To fashionistas, nothing beats a walk-in closet full of the latest season’s fashions and statement pieces. Right now, in wardrobes all around the country, last year’s printed winter sweaters, cardigans and lace-up boots are quickly being replaced with the newest spring fashions like classy white shirts, flat mules and dresses with pleats.

While clothes are, of course, important, there is something else that truly makes an outfit stand out and catch attention: accessories. Jewelry pieces add some pop to your fashion choices, and just like clothing, jewelry trends go in and out of style depending on the season. Let’s take a look at what the latest jewelry trends are so far for spring 2016.

Long Chain JewelryUnderstated Jewelry Designs

Simplicity is making a statement this spring, where understated jewelry pieces rule the fashion world, says the Robb Report. Simplified luxury replaces the bold and daring with restrained looks including long chain earrings with a single pearl, simple metal-hoop earrings and long, understated pendant chains. Think minimal when adding jewelry to your outfit this season.

Fashionable Layers

Layering your simple jewelry designs is another trend to adopt this spring. Take your various simple pieces and layer them together for a fuller, more diverse fashion statement. To jump on this fashion bandwagon, layer your multiple thin necklaces and wear stackable rings. Also consider wearing multiple bangles or other bracelets to add some volume to your jewelry.

Pearl EarringsPearls

Matching the simplistic theme, adorning a single pearl in the form of a necklace or earrings will prove fashionable this season, suggests Vogue. Consider wearing a choker adorned with a few pearls, or dress up your ankle with a simple pearl anklet.

Earrings of All Colors 

Adorn your ears with statement earrings in all colors of the rainbow, says Harper’s Bazaar. Think large earrings in bold colors that complement or directly match your outfit. Dangling earrings will be in vogue this season, so think long, elegant pieces for your ears rather than small metallic studs. To stay in touch with the minimalist trend, when you wear the bolder earrings, leave other jewelry at home.

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