Tips for Buying Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Tips for Buying Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Romantic and flattering, jewelry is always a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. However, choosing the perfect piece for your wife or girlfriend can be difficult, especially if you know little about jewelry to begin with. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to help you decide on the perfect piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day:

Pay attention to what she already wears

Not sure what your significant other may want? Take a look at what she already has in her jewelry box. If she has several pairs of pearl earrings, then don’t get her another set. Conversely, if you have never seen her wear a bracelet, don’t think that now is a good time for her to start. Take a look at her selection to see what her style is, and then try to find something that matches that.

Avoid rings if you’re not already married or engaged

Unless you’re already married or engaged, don’t get your girlfriend a ring (unless, of course, it’s an engagement ring). When they see that small box, they’re going to assume it’s an engagement ring, and when it’s not they’re going to be disappointed. Sometimes it’s best to just go with a necklace or bracelet rather than accidentally getting your girlfriend’s hopes up.

Match something that she already owns

Does your significant other have a pair of emerald earrings that she just absolutely adores? Then get a necklace or bracelet that matches it! Not only will this provide her with the perfect outfit, but you’ll also be certain that she’ll like it.

Think about her favorite colors

Color is a huge part of fashion and making sure you get the color right will go a long way in getting a piece that your significant other will love. If she loves cooler colors, for example, then opt for sapphires or emeralds. Additionally, you should also pay attention to whether she prefers silver or gold jewelry.

Let her pick it out herself

At the end of the day, if you’re completely at a loss of what your girlfriend or wife would like, then let them pick it out for themselves. You may not have the element of surprise, but you won’t risk getting your significant other something that they won’t like. You can even make it a special trip by having a romantic dinner afterwards.

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