Summer Gemstone Guide

Summer Gemstone Guide

With a warm summer around the corner, June, July and August birthstones will be popular choices, as well as a few other stones that represent the sun and natures growth. Here are some great stones for a summer birthday or jewelry purchase for those fond of the summer weather.



The traditional June birthstone, the pearl has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones throughout history. Unlike most gemstones, which are minerals, pearls are organic in nature and can be found in oysters and mollusks. Representing purity and innocence, pearls are a classic stone that make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.


Another of the June birthstones, alexandrite is considered a magical stone in many cultures because of the way it changes color depending on the light. In bright sunlight stones appear to be a bluish-green while in darker settings they take on a reddish hue. The price of alexandrite increases by the distinction of its color change. Found mainly in Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil, alexandrite is said to inspire creativity and imagination.


A third June birthstone, moonstones were named by the Ancient Romans who believed they were pieces of frozen moonlight. They range in color from pink to yellow, purple and blue and have a shimmering effect. Considered a “dream stone” in India, the moonstone is said to bring visions while the wearer sleeps.


One of the most popular gemstones, ruby is the July birthstone. The ideal color is a medium to dark medium vivid or slightly purplish red. Treasured by monarchs and royalty throughout history, rubies are believed to encourage good health and courage. They are a symbol of love and passion and were believed by ancient cultures to contain the spark of life.


The August birthstone, peridot is one of the few gemstones to only exist in one color. It varies from lime to olive green in hue and is found mainly in Arizona. Ancient cultures believed the peridot was a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate the rebirth of the world each spring. When given as a gift, peridot is said to have healing powers and to protect against nightmares.


The sunstone is a feldspar gemstone with a strong glittering effect. This effect is from the pieces of minerals found within it. Sunstone ranges in hue from yellow to orange and red and is found throughout the world, most commonly in Oregon. The sunstone is regarded as a leadership stone and is said to have the ability to alleviate fears and phobias.

Moss Agate

Called “the gardener’s talisman”, moss agate is a grayish-white stone with dark inclusions that resemble moss or ferns. Found in locations around the world, including Brazil, India and the western United States, moss agate is said to attract prosperity and abundance to its wearer and their garden. Stones are often buried in gardens to help them flourish. Moss agate makes the perfect summer gift for those who enjoy the outdoors and nature.


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