How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

You’ve done it. You’ve finally found the perfect dress. But have you found the perfect jewelry? Finding a jewelry set to match your gown is crucial if you want to look your best at your wedding. The process, though, can get a bit overwhelming, so here are some tips to help you decide on the best wedding jewelry for you.

Match the metal to your dress

Consider the color of your gown—is it white? Ivory? Blush? The specific color it is will help you narrow down on the type of metal you should be wearing. As a rule of thumb, white dresses look best with silver jewelry, ivory and champagne with gold, and blush with rose gold.

Let your neckline determine your necklace

The neckline of your dress is the major deciding factor as to the kind of necklace you should wear. Sweetheart or strapless dresses should opt for choker or shorter necklaces, while v-necks are great with chokers or pendants. If you have a halter or reverse halter dress, you won’t want to wear a necklace, so try putting accessories into your hair or bracelets onto your arms.

Don’t overdo it

When it comes to your wedding jeweler, less is more. You should, by all means, wear a piece of jewelry, but you don’t need every kind. Instead, stick with a few pieces that complement your outfit, but don’t make it look too busy.

Consider your veil

Granted, you likely won’t be wearing your veil for the whole day, but it’s a big part of your outfit, so make sure that your jewelry goes with it. On the whole, you’ll want to keep your jewelry simple, so chandelier earrings and other statement pieces are a no-go.

Stick to your own style

When it comes down to it, this is your day, so only choose pieces that you like. Even if you’re having difficulty, just try to find one piece that you love, and then match everything else to that.

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