How to Care for Your Antique Jewelry

How to Care for Your Antique Jewelry

Your antique or vintage jewelry are among your most prized possession. While you want to be able to wear them, you also want to make sure they stay as beautiful and brilliant as they did the day you bought it. To make sure of this, follow these steps to properly care for and preserve your antique jewelry.

Clean your jewelry properly

You can try cleaning it yourself, or you can take the safer route and bring it to a jeweler to be cleaned. If you decide to clean it yourself, then keep in mind that each stone and metal needs to be treated differently. Organic gems, such as pearls, should not be soaked in water. Instead, use a soft, moist jewelry cleaning cloth to wipe them before storing. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are excellent for cleaning your metal jewelry, and for gemstones, you can use a soft-bristle brush with mild soap.

Store your antique jewelry

At the very least, you should store your jewelry in a cotton-lined box at room-temperature. Avoid storing them in the same container as other jewelry, as that can lead to scratches. With chain necklaces and bracelets, you should try to keep them untangled by storing them in a pouch or a container that allows them to lie straight.

Be careful when wearing them

When you buy antique or vintage jewelry, you obviously want to wear it, but be careful when you do. Apply make-up, lotion, hair spray, perfume, and other beauty products before putting on your piece of jewelry, and remove them when going swimming, exercising, bathing, or doing housework.

Examine your jewelry

Keep an eye on your jewelry and examine it closely every now and then. Check for any loose stones or parts, and if you find any, put it into its container and take it to the jeweler the next chance you get.

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