Estate Jewelry: Something Unique for That Singular Someone

Giving the gift of jewelry is something extremely personal and very special. When you give jewelry, it is usually to someone you care for very much and you want to pick just the right piece to commemorate her, to celebrate him, for a special occasion, or simply to begin a collection. The gift of jewelry says, “You mean a lot to me, “and often creates a stronger bond between people. Estate jewelry is often one of the most wonderful ways to honor someone.


Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously owned, can often be antique, and is usually high end. Frequently this jewelry is an heirloom that has been kept in one family for years and has been handed down from one generation to another. Sometimes it is a custom made piece, a one-of-a-kind that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world and has a singularly unique history. Whatever the case may be, estate jewelry is special by definition and highly prized by jewelers and collectors alike.


Buying any kind of jewelry requires careful consideration, and purchasing estate jewelry and watches is no exception. The very special nature of the gift of estate jewelry necessitates serious thought as you will want to match just the right piece with that very special person. And if you are buying estate jewelry for yourself, you want a piece that compliments your personality, coloring, and style, and speaks about who you are.


Estate jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone, including yourself, and wearing estate jewelry sets you, or that special someone, apart from the rest.


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