Decluttering Your Jewelry Selection

Decluttering Your Jewelry Selection

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Our jewelry collections are built from receiving gifts from special people in our lives, significant pieces that are passed down from family members, and pieces we’ve chosen ourselves. Over many years, one can fill a few jewelry boxes and chests, with baubles, beads, and precious gems. We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of choices and wide array of colors and styles of jewelry to wear to various occasions; but too many pieces of jewelry can become overwhelming in many ways.



It’s important to declutter your jewelry collection periodically. You may cringe at the thought of getting rid of any of your treasured pieces; but there are always items that are rarely worn. It will take time and organizing to properly declutter your jewelry boxes and chests, but it’s well worth it; you will locate items that have gotten lost in the crowd and be able to better care for other items that have most likely been neglected.


Here are a few simple and painless ways to begin decluttering:


Use a large surface area to begin sorting through your jewelry collection. Place all of your items on a dining table, or clean dresser top. Start creating a section for jewelry you wear daily or often; then create sections for prized pieces you can’t live without on those special occasions. After creating those special piles; begin sorting by style, designer, and decade. Set aside the jewelry you’ve never worn, or haven’t worn in ages. You will also discover some pieces you’ve forgotten and some styles you simply no longer enjoy. Let these items go, so that they can eventually be replaced with newly chosen pieces.


If you have a storage area of jewelry you haven’t visited in a while; this is a sign that you may be able to begin your decluttering with these pieces. Choose items you would like to pass down to your children or other family members. Some other pieces of jewelry may be perfect for special gifts. This would be the perfect time to share your love with family and friends in the form of jewelry.


One last great way to make the decluttering process a bit less painful is to sell the pieces that you don’t wear anymore. Not only will your jewelry collection look more organized, you will have a chance to make some money as well. And who doesn’t love a win-win situation?


If you are interested in selling your jewelry, give Frank Pollak & Sons a call.


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