Broaching the History of Brooches

Broaching the History of Brooches

Brooches have been used for both decorative and practical purposes since the Bronze Age. Despite the many changes in fashion since then, brooches are still used today as decorative jewelry. When first designed, brooches were used to fasten pieces of garments together – much like a safety pin – but since that time, this “pin” has turned into a fashionable piece of adornment all its own that contemporary women affix to clothes, hats and other accessories.

The body of a brooch often varies based on time period, culture, religion and the wearer’s social positon. Created in many shapes and sizes, the vintage brooch was considered the centerpiece of an outfit and often communicated the social class and wealth of the wearer, says Love to Know. In fact, the wearer was often buried with the brooch due to its material importance. Brooches were also used as a protective religious badge after a successful pilgrimage to a shrine or served as a memory of a deceased loved one. With so many uses, brooches became one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in Europe during the early Middle Ages.

Surprisingly, brooches continued in popularity in the modern day by being worn as costume jewelry. From gemstone to filigree to novelty brooches, women have used this antique fashion to dress up a handbag, simple sweater, hat or scarf, making it one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry and loved by all ages. Many even collect vintage brooches as a hobby, and there are many fun options still in circulation today that trace back to the early 1900s Art Nouveau movement and even earlier.

When searching for a fine piece of modern or vintage jewelry like a brooch, it is important to buy from an expert jeweler to ensure you receive authentic, high-quality pieces. At Frank Pollak & Sons, we’ve specialized in the jewelry trade since 1905, providing our customers with an extensive collection of modern and vintage jewelry that has been chosen with care. Whether you are searching for a unique vintage brooch, like a butterfly or unicorn pin, or a classy modern brooch, like one in the shape of a gecko, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options to choose from to match you with the perfect addition to your collection.

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