A New Tool in the Fight Against Synthetic Diamonds

A New Tool in the Fight Against Synthetic Diamonds

Some synthetic diamonds are pretty cheap looking while others are harder to spot. The ones that are hard to spot are the ones that cause concern for jewelry buyers. While you almost have to admire the work that goes in to creating one of these “fake diamonds,” you definitely don’t want to spend your hard-earned dollars on an engagement ring that turns out to only be worth a few bucks. Fortunately, the Rapaport News is reporting that the Gemological Institute of America will be releasing new technology later this year that can identify real diamonds and differentiate them from even the most realistic-looking forgeries.

The GIA’s new tool will use spectroscopy to assess the diamond in question, examining it to zero in on features that are tells of a treated, simulant or lab-grown diamond. The device can be used to verify natural, untreated diamonds that are roughly 0.005 carats and heavier and fall between the color ranges of D to Z – the full length of the scale, as we discussed in a previous blog post.

What makes this new technology stand out from the others is that this will be able to screen diamonds that are already part of jewelry pieces such as necklaces or rings. The majority of similar technologies that are currently on the market can only scan loose, individual diamonds, which makes this device far more beneficial when assessing previously crafted jewelry items.

At the end of the day, though, nothing can identify a synthetic diamond like the eye of an experienced jeweler. In fact, even with the use of the GIA’s new tool, the diamond is flagged for further examination and verification by an expert. Many jewelers who have been in their profession for decades know exactly what to look for, down to the most minute details. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to quality diamonds, that eye is exactly what it comes down to.

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