Collecting Vintage Edwardian and Victorian Estate Jewelry

For some of us, collecting antique and estate jewelry is about more than just the price. These small tangibles deliver unique and intricate designs to the wearer- that modern day jewelry just can’t match.. Depending on how long you’ve been sniffing out liquidation sales for vintage pieces, you probably have more jewelry than you know…

Clearing Space After Liquidating a Family’s Estate

    Purging Old Junk to Improve Moods   Through the years we collect tangibles and furniture that we many not ever need or use. Various life events coupled with frivolous shopping adventures can leave us with a heck of a lot of clutter before we’re even half-way through life. Unfortunately, most people tuck these…

Finding Unique Jewelry Beyond Estate Sales

Estate sales commonly form after the loss of a family member or friend, to liquidate their remaining assets. This is a common practice when the deceased leaves behind debt or just too many tangibles. This means that people are selling nice things, at “must-go” prices. Estate sales benefit the survivors as well as the shopper,…

Understanding Different Types of Estate Jewelry

You’ll hear a lot of terms in reference to estate jewelry. Of course, that term alone might cause some confusion for you. But “estate” is fairly simple: any jewelry that has been previously owned. That means estate jewelry could be a beautiful handmade Georgian piece or a cheap piece from the local one-stop shop store….

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